How to Buy Art

Contact Rob.
Methods of Payment. Pay By Credit Card or Cash App or Venmo. You may enter the full amount or a down payment of 1/3 of the total.
Delivery. Free delivery within 50 miles of downtown Jacksonville. Delivery anywhere is doable, with a fee based on painting size.
Art in the Mail. Shop Humanism T-shirts and inexpensive paintings available by mail to you or to send as a gift at the Online Shop.

Collecting & Supporting R Middleton Art

To state the obvious, I greatly appreciate those who wish to collect and support my art. Creating abstract paintings is something I simply cannot stop doing, and if no one ever bought them I would have a thousand finished paintings piled up and no money to pay studio rent or buy supplies! Of course it's more than that; I feel honored when another person on this earth connects with something I have made and wants to bring it into their life.

Understanding Art Prices. Posted retail prices are based on previous sales, works by comparable artists, and the amount that it would take for me to support myself selling art.
Commissions. I am happy to pay commissions on sales. In fact, one of the ways to support my work is to connect me with new buyers. Nothing would please me more than to pay others to broker sales for me, introducing my art to a wider audience.
Discounts, Payment Plans & Reduced Price Works. I want as many paintings as possible to find good homes. I hate for price to prevent that from happening. Please begin a dialog with me to discover what can be arranged. Additionally, I have launched an online store selling works $100 and under, some as low as $25. I have chosen to sell inexpensive small paintings rather than prints because I am a painter not a photographer and every R Middleton art work is an original.
Exchanges & More. This seems like the place to mention that I want all my collectors to be happy with their Rart, so I am willing to exchange previous purchases for something new. I will also rent a rotating selection of paintings to businesses at reasonable rates.
Other ways to support. I am at $RMiddletonart on Cash App, RMiddletonArt on Venmo, and RMiddleton on Patreon. If you see my R, you've found me:

Please contact Rob directly with any inquiries.

When You Support Rob You Are Supporting

Mental Health. Appreciating and creating abstract art is my meditation and medication. Every single painting forces me to find meaning in meaninglessness. If I am able to value a chaotic and unnecessary creation, then perhaps I can accept my own flaws and my place in a larger world that disturbs me greatly. My adolescence was dangerously unhappy. Depression, interpersonal struggles, and a refusal to accept my own identity put me on the sidelines of life. While at Princeton University I sought answers in therapy, in religion, in the study of psychology. But what saved me was art. I know that art helps others as well. Abstract art can calm our overstimulated minds.
Experience & Dedication. Anyone Could Paint This Only One Person Did, a recent painting proclaims. I have committed myself to making abstract paintings for over 25 years. The art profession comes with peculiar privileges, opportunities, and challenges. I love that my work has been displayed at Jacksonville City Hall, The Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, Art Republic Pilot Season, and Jacksonville International Airport's Haskell Gallery. Every milestone is an honor that I have appreciated, even though few lead to income. (I hate that I am ultimately a salesman without a salesman's personality!) It is only very recently that I have felt able to commit myself to art full-time.
A Cultural Resource. I now see my consistent presence downtown (since 2003!) as a real contribution to the city's cultural life. Year after year new visitors find their way into the studio and express joy at seeing such a place in Jacksonville. It's especially gratifying to me when I see young people find inspiration in what I do. For these reasons I'm working hard to maintain the corner of Hogan and Monroe as a space for art in the center of downtown. I launched the gallery The Lark in February 2020, right before the Covid-19 pandemic froze us all in place. It is my great hope that I will be able to make it.

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