Equality Florida Greater Jacksonville Gala Auction Ends 9 PM October 12

Equality Florida Greater Jacksonville Gala * Saturday, January 14, 2017 * The River Club (Wells Fargo Bldg 35th Floor, 1 Independent Drive, Jacksonville)
Tickets available here.

Auction Item #135 * Click to bid on R Middleton abstract painting "Untitled" (11x14 inches)

Auction Item # 147 * Click to bid on R Middleton art consultation credit

The winning bidder on the R Middleton art credit will receive a consultation with the artist to apply the credit amount towards a painting of at least two times the credit value. Suggested paintings and where they can be seen:

48 x 36 inches
(Currently on view at Blue Fish)

36 x 24 inches
(Currently on view at Blue Fish)

Gold Splash
40 inches square
(Currently on view at The Parlour at Grape and Grain)

40 x 30 inches
(Currently on view at Blue Fish)

May 11 to June 3
69 x 74 inches
(Shown by appointment at Artist's Studio)

About R Middleton Abstract Art

Rob Middleton began a lifelong commitment to abstract expressionist painting while a psychology major at Princeton University. Those were not happy times for him, when depression, interpersonal struggles, and a refusal to accept his own identity put him on the sidelines of life. Appreciating and creating abstract art became meditation and medication for Rob: "Making each piece requires coming to terms with a chaos of my own creation; over time, the repetition of producing only abstract art teaches me to accept my flaws and my place in a larger world that disturbs me greatly. Whereas once I sought answers, abstract art puts me at peace with the lack of definite answers. My quest to understand propelled me into religion, into therapy, and into the study of psychology. But what saved me was art."

Middleton grew up in and resides in Jacksonville, where he works out of a studio next to Hemming Park. He has displayed his art in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Miami, Princeton, NJ, and Hattiesburg, MS. His work has been selected for exhibition in the Jacksonville International Airport in 2017 — look for it! His work hangs in over 50 private collections in the U.S. and Europe, and has recently joined the renowned collection of Preston H. Haskell, III.

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